Teens Research Chemical Abuse

Teens Research Chemical Abuse

Teens Research Chemical Abuse Drug dealers and law enforcement agencies are involved in an arms race. On the one side, law enforcement agencies attempt to determine what drugs are dangerous for human health and attempt to enforce the laws that restrict the production and distribution. Drug dealers then tweak the chemical composition of the drugs without changing the chemical composition to deem it as illegal. They sell the tampered research chemical drugs, and law enforcement scrambles to deem these new formulations illegal.

Common Teens Research Chemical Abuse

The term “research chemicals” refers to substances that have only been tested in small animal studies or test tubes.  Research chemicals need more research in order to determine what they have the capacity to do. As the WSU authors suggest, a better term for them is “unresearched chemicals.”

The term can apply to all sorts of drugs. For example, many manufacturers of research chemicals design drugs that contain tryptamine and phenethylamine. These drugs are considered psychoactive drugs and cause people to hallucinate and experience strange body sensations.


Effects of Research Chemicals

Since there have been no controlled studies on how the drugs impact the brain and what the drugs are designed to do, many researchers rely on reports from people who have used them. In case study reports, experts outline what drugs the users took and how they felt. These studies can be slightly inaccurate, as they depend entirely on the user’s ability to remember what happened.

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